Equipment & Technology - Young Dentistry Delray Beach FL
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Equipment & Technology

Equipment & Technology

Digital Radiographs

Dental x-rays will be taken only as needed during their routine cleaning appointments to check for cavities in between their teeth, survey erupting teeth, diagnose bone disease, evaluate the results of an injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. We will always minimize your child’s radiation exposure by providing 100% digital equipment that uses 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays and prescribing x-rays on an individual basis which depends on your child’s individual risk factors for oral disease. Your child will also wear a lead body apron with a thyroid collar during the process. If you have any concerns about x-rays for your child, please discuss them with us!

Needle-less Injections

Young Dentistry uses the latest technology in anesthesia for routine dental fillings – the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System, a computer-controlled injection technology that deposits anesthetic precisely to the tooth through the periodontal ligament. Analgesia can now be gained without having to inject into the gums. This means kids will hardly feel a thing!

With a wave of “the wand”, a whimsical looking handpiece that “drips” the anesthetic, the child’s tooth is magically numb! This precise technology anesthetizes only the tooth and not the tongue, lips, cheek or surrounding soft tissues. As a result, children will complain less about being numb around their face and will less likely cause trauma to themselves by unknowingly biting their lip.

Children and adults have a tendency to bite their lips and even the inside of their cheeks when they are numb from anesthesia. They can’t feel themselves biting their lip and so they continue (unfortunately) until they have chewed so hard they have damaged their lips and they have become swollen and sore, sometimes to the point of being cut and bleeding! People also become embarrassed being numb because they can’t speak clearly, smile or even drink properly they feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Drooling becomes an issue.

We can reverse the “numb feeling” so children can go back to school without feeling funny or injuring themselves. Please ask us for details.